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Creativity,the tool for innovation

Creativity in its simplest meaning is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things. Creativity is tapping the resources of your subconscious. Ideas come to the spirit (through imagination) before it gets to your soul. Ideas come to the mind as hunch. Imagination is literally the workshop wherein are fashioned all plans created by God. The creative imagination works automatically. This faculty functions when the conscious mind is working at an exceeding rapid rate. The creative faculty becomes more alert in proportion to its development through use.
Your mind is like a gold mine and it can bring you great riches if you would only harness it. Once the mind is well disciplined, it has the capability of constantly producing ideas. Researchers say over 2000 ideas a day pass through your mind. Most of the great inventions came from the mind. The ideas that come to the mind most times need refinement for there to be a final product. Disciplining of the mind exposes the mind to using different methods of thinking. Thinking is what helps to refine ideas. Most great products came as a result of so much thinking. Manufacturers spend a lot of time and resources in building and rebuilding their products before the right stuff come out.
God gave us the gift of creativity so that we can wriggle ourselves out of difficulty. When you think of a solution to a particular problem- without knowing it you're being creative. You don't need to create a product before you are termed creative. The more you use the creative faculty the better and faster it gives you results.
Most problem solvers are great thinkers who take time to think up ideas on how to solve problems. Creativity is allowing one to make mistakes. For there to be a good product, the manufacturer must make mistakes. Most times it takes months and years before a new product is achieved. Albert Einstein-the great physicist-once said 'I spend a lot of time thinking with different methods on how to improve my ideas'. Before he died he used most part of his brain in thinking-that was why he created a lot of theories for mankind.

10 Resume Resources that'll make it(Almost) impossible for a Hiring Manager to Pass


Calling all job seekers who believe resumes are the bane of your existence—we’re here to help.
Because even though yours’ is probably fine, we want to make it even better, so good, in fact, that hiring managers can’t help but read it (and then call you!).
So, we’ve compiled our best resources for proofreading the bugger, making it pretty and perfect, and tailoring it to the job you want. In fact, you’ll get so good at writing them you’ll realize that they’re actually not the worst.
  1. First and foremost, in order to procure a kick ass resume, you have to know who you’re applying to and what they’re looking for (and then tailor accordingly).
  2. Tailoring doesn’t just mean switching around your experience. If you’re a specific kind of job seeker (read: new grad or career changer), a traditional resume isn’t always your best bet.
  3. Then, think about the robot—ATS that is. You’ll want to make sure you’ve got all those keywords that they love.
  4. Your skills section is super important in showing what tools you bring to the table—so make it exciting.
  5. Speaking of sections, you hobbies aren’t necessarily the first thing to go. Here’s why you should keep them around (and how they might just boost your credibility).
  6. You probably need a reminder on all those basic little tips for writing and editing it—don’t worry, we talked to the experts to give you the ultimate checklist.
  7. Keep in mind: You want your resume to not just be a bunch of words and bullets. Make sure it tells a compelling story that’s worthy of a job interview.
  8. And, before you click submit, there might be some red flags you want to look out for that could be giving off a bad (or confusing) impression.
  9. Finally, for a bit of flare, try out this free tool that’ll make it so professional people will think you’re a designer (unless you already are one, in that case, you’ll look even awesome-er).
  10. And, just for kicks, you might want to meet with an expert and have him or her read it to see what could make it really shine.
By Alyse Kalish

5 Reasons why you need a Website

1. Professional Image
Whether it's for your business or personal use, having a website will strengthen your image. For a business this will show legitimacy for your brand. Ever found someone online for a local business when they didn't have a website? Probably not since you couldn't find them online. Let's show the world what you're about.
2. Marketing
Need more customers? What's the game plan? Knocking door to door is too time consuming and invading. No one can wait for referrals.. And your budget may be low so paying for commercials and ads becomes a catch 22. Your largest audience is online so get in front of them!
3. Communication
No one likes those spammy emails from a random businesses and it can be costly sending out mailers. Staying in touch with your customers is vital for your business but it has to be practical for you as well. What easier way than to take a few minutes to make an update on your website on what's new and interesting about you today?
4. Make money designing websites
Yes- You can make money designing websites. Whether it's redesigning a website for a business or building a new website you could make some extras ca$h. No need to be a technical guru who uses flash.. Most businesses just need a small 5-6 page information site that will take you a few days and earn an extra several hundred $.
5. Resume for a job!
I bet you didn't see this coming? Yes if you are applying for a job you need to stand out. Even if the job has nothing to do with designing or marketing websites people will be impressed with your diversified skills in other areas. This may just push your resume to the top of the list. A simple few page website with your resume, some photos and appealing colors will do the trick.
These are a few of the most important reasons why you need a website in 2016. The technology is getting more advanced but luckily for you as a beginner the website building tools are getting easier to use. There are drag and drop builders and even open sources like WordPress that will be easy to learn. There are thousands of tutorials online that can help you to get started.
Why wait to get a website built? Search engines are getting smarter every day and the longer you wait to have a website build the longer it will take to get #1 on Google.
Check out the best hosting companies to get started on a website at
It's 2016, you don't have a website and you're falling behind. Find out today why you need a website and some of the best ways it will benefit you personally and/or for your business.
By Jilly Woody

Top 5 Ways To Generate sales Online

Finding high-quality leads should be your priority if you want to run a good online business. There are many ways to generate the leads online, but there are also many less obvious ones. High-quality leads are like seeds from which valuable potential customers can grow. Many organizations face a problem in generating profitable leads mostly because many lead-generating techniques are not as effective hence not producing the required result. Here are a few techniques you might want to consider.

New Lead-Gathering Techniques
The internet today is so important and plays a vital role in everyone's life. It's the heart of our communication, education and business activities.
However, most businesses fail to take advantage of this. By connecting with customers in less-expected ways, you can have a huge advantage over your competition. Here are a few techniques which might help you:
1. Podcasts
The podcast has been around for a very long time. However, it is still relevant because approximately 2% of the time Americans spend listening to audio sources. A well-planned podcast can significantly improve a company search engine rankings and also can generate real interest. Those listeners can quickly become potential high-quality customers.
One great benefit of hosting podcasts is that your audience can hear you, the value and content you're bringing to the table prior to making a purchase or making any commitments. It's a great way for you to 'strut your stuff' and let them see how well you know what you're talking about.
2. Online Discussions/Webinars
A huge factor in generating profitable leads is the ability to connect with the customers perspective. Social platforms like Skype are useful and allow companies and clients to have an open conversation which builds trust, and you get to know the people on whom your business depends on.
3. Pinterest
Pinterest is a simple social media platform which allows the users to share images with others. It is a huge platform with almost 70 million registered users. And out of all of these users, 70% say that they visit Pinterest just to get inspiration about what to purchase.
You can take advantage of this as you can advertise your company for free with so many users.
4. Content Marketing
A good content can take the time to produce, but it can solve problems with potential leads and also is personalized to the needs of the specific audience and can be visually appealing. To do so, you must do in-depth analysis and trial and error.
5. Landing pages
Focus on keeping your page smart and simple and not too complex that can take a long time to load. Due to this most visitors will leave without looking a second time.
Grab My Free Report Here
By Donna Gain
Donna Gain is a well respected home based business owner herself for over 15 years. She has been in several different home based business helping others grow with herself the solid foundation to having a successful business. To discover all the internet marketing keys to success you need to know to explode your business, and to claim your free copy of "How To Create Your First 6 Figure Month In Network Marketing," click on the link above...

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InnovateAfrica Journalism Contest

InnovateAfrica is a pan-African contest run by Code for Africa that aims to accelerate digital Innovation. They are looking for ideas that will transform the way that African media work.The ideas has to be significant and show tangible improvement to existing tools or techniques for African Journalists to gather news,tell stories, engage with audience or sustain media organizations.

Selected innovations will receive a combination seed funding between the range of $12,500 to $100,000 and technology support and mentorship.
Entries open:September 1, 2016
Entries close:December1,2016

Proposal For Innovation Online Distribution of Music

Business Innovation Growth is an online platform which allows business owners access services to grow their business.It is sponsored by World Bank,Growth Empowerment for States(GEM),and Federal Ministry of Industry and Investment.It was created for the creation of jobs in non-oil sectors.Workshops are held in various clusters to assist business owners transform their businesses.

To be able to participate in the online distribution of music,you must be 18 years,operate a business in Nigeria,employ less than 100 people and apply online.
To be part of the project visit
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