Friday, September 2, 2016

Creativity,the tool for innovation

Creativity in its simplest meaning is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things. Creativity is tapping the resources of your subconscious. Ideas come to the spirit (through imagination) before it gets to your soul. Ideas come to the mind as hunch. Imagination is literally the workshop wherein are fashioned all plans created by God. The creative imagination works automatically. This faculty functions when the conscious mind is working at an exceeding rapid rate. The creative faculty becomes more alert in proportion to its development through use.
Your mind is like a gold mine and it can bring you great riches if you would only harness it. Once the mind is well disciplined, it has the capability of constantly producing ideas. Researchers say over 2000 ideas a day pass through your mind. Most of the great inventions came from the mind. The ideas that come to the mind most times need refinement for there to be a final product. Disciplining of the mind exposes the mind to using different methods of thinking. Thinking is what helps to refine ideas. Most great products came as a result of so much thinking. Manufacturers spend a lot of time and resources in building and rebuilding their products before the right stuff come out.
God gave us the gift of creativity so that we can wriggle ourselves out of difficulty. When you think of a solution to a particular problem- without knowing it you're being creative. You don't need to create a product before you are termed creative. The more you use the creative faculty the better and faster it gives you results.
Most problem solvers are great thinkers who take time to think up ideas on how to solve problems. Creativity is allowing one to make mistakes. For there to be a good product, the manufacturer must make mistakes. Most times it takes months and years before a new product is achieved. Albert Einstein-the great physicist-once said 'I spend a lot of time thinking with different methods on how to improve my ideas'. Before he died he used most part of his brain in thinking-that was why he created a lot of theories for mankind.

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