Thursday, August 3, 2017

Trump's proposed Immigration plan to grant 140,000 immigrants visas annually under a points system

Immigration laws in US might just be about to change.President Donald Trump on Wednesday sent a bill to congress to cut legal immigration and replace employment based visas with ''Point System".

Countries already practicing the Point based Immigration System includes:United Kingdom,Australia and Canada.Under this system 140,000 visas would be available annually and would be distributed to those with the highest points.

Favourites to get the visa:If the proposed bill is approved by congress,those that are likely to be favoured are candidates between the ages of 26 to 31 with a US based doctorate or professional degree,who speaks nearly perfect English and who has a salary offer that's three times as high as the median income where they are to be employed.
Also those who have won Olympic medal or Nobel prize are to be given preferential treatment.
A candidate must have at least 30 points to apply.

General Criteria:

Priority is given to prime working ages:
18yrs----21yrs           6 points
22yrs-----30yrs          8 points
26yrs-----30yrs        10 points
31yrs-----35yrs         8 points
36yrs-----40 yrs       6 points
41yrs-----45yrs         4 points
46yrs-----50yrs          2 points

Minors under the age of 18 and those over the age of 50 receive no points,though people over 50 years old are still allowed to apply.

Foreign Bachelor's degrees                         5 points
US Bachelors degree                                  6 points
Foreign Masters degree in STEM               7 points
US Masters                                                 8 points
Foreign professional degree or doctorate  10 pts
US        ''    '''                        ''''                     13 pts

Points are allocated for English ability as determined by standardized English test.
Less than 60th percentile proficiency      0 pts
60th-80th percentile                               10 points
90th or above                                         11 points
100th percentile                                       12 points

Job offer of at least 150% of median household income in the state where he or she will be employed-5 pts
"       "''        "      "  200%  "        "  -8 pts
"  "  "                      300%  "             13 pts                                                                                              

The bill also requires applicants, if they want to bring a spouse with them, to calculate the points the spouse would earn.

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