Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Massive exportation of yams expected out of Nigeria

Exporters of yam from Nigeria has been given guidelines by the Nigerian Agricultural Quarantine Services(NAQS)for those exporting yams to US and UK to enable them meet international standards.
This is coming from the backdrop from The Minister of Agriculture, Audu Ogbe stated that the country will begin massive exportation of yams very soon.
The guidelines are as follows:
1.The yam should be of uniform size and should not have a growth on the head.
2.The head should be cut off and waxed with candle to prevent infection
3.The yam should not have nematode infection
4.The yam should be of uniform species and put in the carton in a particular way
5.The yam should be properly labelled and weighed
6.If it is going to a particular country,the import conditions of that country should be stated
7.If it is going to be fumigated,the chemical for fumigation should be stated
8.The location of the farm the yam where it was harvested should be stated

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