Monday, August 22, 2016


UAE has become a thriving nest for expatriates most recently. Many western companies can be seen thriving on the luscious economy. Construction sector is thriving copiously with both Asian and Western influence. The country produces oil, but not withstanding the tourism sector compliments it.It cannot be said to be a manufacturing country with most of their goods imported from China.

Looking for work in UAE is hard and easy.The hard part is if you do not get prepared you definitely going to find it hard.The easy side is if you get your documents authenticated in your home country and you apply for jobs on the popular sites  with your CV(UAE standard)before you come,you have a chance of landing yourself you dream job.In Nigeria you would authenticate with Ministry of Education and Foreign Affairs before taking it to UAE Embassy all in Abuja.

The salary is relative.Nationality matters when it comes to salary negotiation.International certificates are well respected and given prior attention.

Some job sites to apply,,,,

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